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The price of rubber continues to rise, and the price increase of tires is a foregone conclusion.

Industry Trends
2018/12/28 10:46

[Hui Cong Auto Supplies Network] As the production of tires continued to rise, especially the natural rubber rose from 9,000 yuan / ton to 21,000 yuan / ton, natural rubber increased by 110% in three months. At present, most tire companies have already issued price increase notices, including many international first-line brands.

The continuous rise in the price of rubber has also led to an increase in the cost of manufacturing tires. This effect is particularly evident for truck tires. Long-term will also affect car tires. At present, Bridgestone has clearly stated that the price of car tires in the European market will increase from January 1.

At the beginning of the month, China Tire Commercial Network reported that Bridgestone was the first to start price increases in Europe. From December 1st, Bridgestone’s brand of truck and bus tires sold by Bridgestone and Firestone in Europe The price will increase by 1%. At the same time, on January 1, 2017, the price structure of new passenger car tires and two-wheeled tires will be introduced. It is expected that the average price increase of passenger cars and two-wheeled tires will be about 3%.

A number of tire companies began to increase prices in 2017

Due to the recent increase in the prices of major raw materials for tires, the cost of products continues to rise, which compares the price of the market peers and considers the market acceptance to make price increases. The price of natural rubber has exceeded 21,000 yuan / ton, and it is expected that the price of natural rubber will exceed 24,000 yuan / ton in April next year. Affected by the price increase of raw materials, a tire company will increase its price in 2017.